One Waikawa Beach tiny home in the news

The tiny home that last year arrived beside the all-purpose beach access at the end of Manga Pirau Street has turned up in the news, and our erosion problem is the reason:

Tiny homes are also being used as a solution to red zoned land where building permits cannot be given due to safety concerns, Ms Stevens said. 

A tiny home has been set up as an Airbnb on Waikawa Beach on the Kapiti Coast on a piece of coastal land in an erosion zone, she explained. 

“The owners of that property wouldn’t have been able to put a regular batch down there so it’s an awesome solution for them.”

Source: Tiny homes: The answer to Auckland’s housing crisis? | Newshub.

Tiny home on Manga Pirau Street.
Tiny home on Manga Pirau Street

Interestingly enough, a tiny home has also recently arrived on Reay Mackay Grove. Never say that the folks at Waikawa Beach are behind the times.

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