Recycling Changes start May 2019

Between now and the end of June 2019, Council will deliver a new 240-litre recycling wheelie bin to residents who receive kerbside recycling services. After the new recycling service starts on 1 July, glass will need to be separated out from other recycling.

The new bin can be used to recycle paper, cardboard, hard plastics, and tins and cans, whilst the current green recycling crate will be for putting your glass recycling in. Glass needs to be separated from other recyclable materials because it is processed differently at sorting facilities for safety reasons. …

As well as making it easier for people to do more recycling, the new bins contain a RFID chip that identifies the property each bin belongs to. The RFID chip will help to stop your bin from being stolen and will also enable Council to identify and educate anyone who misuses the recycling service.

New fortnightly recycling collection (from 1 July) [Note: the first Waikawa Beach date for the new service is 08 July 2019.]

The new service means your recycling will be collected every two weeks, instead of every week. However, your recycling collection day will stay the same. …

Source: Kerbside Recycling Service Changes – Horowhenua District Council.

Also note this from the FAQ page:

What options are available if I can’t cope with a 240L bin?

You can request a smaller 80L bin or a second recycling crate to use instead of your 240L bin – you will still need to separate your glass recycling from your other recycling if you choose these options. In addition, we will sell tow hitches at cost price to enable you to tow your recycling wheelie bin behind your car.

Recycling changes in detail, image from Horowhenua Chronicle.
Recycling changes in detail, image from Horowhenua Chronicle. Click the image for a much larger version.Then you can zoom in to read the info.

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