River mouth photo 20 July 2019

The drone photo of the river mouth, taken on 20 July 2019, shows the effect of removing the high-angle groyne.

Blair, who made the image, said:

The area near where the river enters the sea – could not be rendered as it did not have enough cross reference points to match on. Active water bodies are notoriously difficult to produce aerial imagery.

Always best to fly for photos at low tide.

[This photo] does show the difference in the rock walling and where the channel funnels out to sea.

Waikawa Beach river mouth drone photo, 20 July 2019.
Waikawa Beach river mouth drone photo, 20 July 2019.

Note: this photo has been reduced in size and quality to go on the web page. If you have a use for the full quality image, and the files for use in GIS software like QGIS (40 MB) then contact us.

See River mouth photo 24 April 2019 for the previous photo.

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