Safety improvements on SH1 – your comments

NZTA say that safety is a major issue for this region, so they have a number of safety initiatives underway on SH1 Ōtaki to Levin:

A review of speed limits on SH1 from Ōtaki to Levin will begin in the near future. While technical advice will be an important part of this review, local knowledge and experience of using these roads is also vital to this process, and we will be actively seeking input and feedback from the community.

Source, 04 October 2019 Media release: Ōtaki to north of Levin.

If you have comments on the safety of SH1 or speed limits between Ōtaki and Levin please add them on this blog post so the WBRA Committee knows and understands your views. I expect the Committee will want to make a submission on behalf of the Waikawa Beach community.

Of particular interest for all of us of course is the intersection with Waikawa Beach Road.

Comments you make on the blog post may be quoted in any submission we put in.

Another option is to email your comments to the Secretary, but leaving comments here allows others in the community to add their responses and discuss the ideas.

4 thoughts on “Safety improvements on SH1 – your comments”

  1. When the last round of safety improvements were made at the SH1 – Waikawa intersection , NZTA failed to install a safe pathway for pedestrians to access the shop from Waikawa Beach Rd area, as I believe was originally planned. Walkers must take their chances on the road shoulder for the first 50m until they can sneak behind the Armco safety barrier…..not great for pram pushers, littlies or the elderly.

  2. Uh ha.
    So all the safety improvements of the last ten years of so:
    – additional street lighting;
    – traffic islands / keep left arrows;
    – removal of passing lane;
    – Ridiculously short slow/turning bays, and no acceleration slip lanes;
    – but at least mini-turning bays for Brown Acres;
    – realignment of southern bridge approach;
    – Lower speed limit on the highway;
    – a plethora of lower speed limit signs;
    – Electronic ‘your speed’ signs;
    – School ‘slow’ sign;
    – Plantings and crash barriers;
    – defined parking spaces @ the General Store;
    – slower speed limit on Waikawa Beach Road;
    – ‘friendly’ warning signs (our rural roads are not a highway);
    – village buffer entrances (with bypass cycle lanes);
    – I’m sure I’ve missed a few; please elaborate;
    All these safety improvements of the last 10 or so years,
    have done diddly-squat nothing to improve overall safety rates, reduce deaths and serious injuries …

    … but if we just come up with a few more improvements, maybe next time?

  3. oops I missed my favorite: The plastic slalom poles that feature are certain stages of the highway. Real life-savers, those are.

  4. I Think We Need Some Safety Improvements Here In Waikawa Beach Village. I Would Like To Have Speed Humps Down Manga Pirau Street. I’m Sick And Tired Of Our Streets Being Used As A Race Track By Weekenders And Out Of Towners! Something Needs To Be Done About It. Can The Ratepayers Association Recommend Speed Humps Be Put In Around Our Subdivision.I Will Support It. The People That Live Here Have Animals And Children. People Need To SLOW DOWN!!!!

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