Sarah Street attempted break-in 05 September 2019

We have a reportof an attempted break-in during the evening on Sarah Street or Waikawa Beach Road on Thursday 05 September 2019. A vigilant neighbour heard an unusual sound and disturbed the potential thieves.

Watch your property, and keep an eye (and ear) on your neighbour’s place too. If in any doubt about what’s going on call 111.

One thought on “Sarah Street attempted break-in 05 September 2019”

  1. We have a bach on Sarah Street. When we were up two weekends ago, I noticed odd marks around the handle of our garage. One is clearly a fingerprint, and we are reasonably sure they were not there last time we were up. We have a security light over our garage so not sure if someone tried to see if they could break in and were scared off but it is of concern for owners not on site regularly.

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