Survey about Speed Limits on Rural Roads closes 01 February 2019

The Horowhenua District Council is reviewing speeds on rural roads. It’s running a Survey asking for your input. That survey will be followed by a Consultation where you can make submissions.

Survey closing on 01 February 2019, 04:00 PM

Until the end of January 2019, Council invites the community to take part in a survey to share your views regarding safe and appropriate speeds for our rural roads.  If you want to take part in the survey, click on the link on [the Council’s] page.

In February 2019, following the completion of the initial survey, the Council will undertake more formal consultation where the public can make submissions on the proposed changes to the rural speed limits.

This survey will be open until 1 February 2019. Please note if you do not have access to a computer you can come into the Customer Service Centre where the customer service team can assist you on one of our computers.

Source: District-Wide Review of Speed Limits on Rural Roads – .

While the Survey starts with some rather odd questions, it later moves on to interesting scenarios with photos and descriptions of roads and asks you to choose appropriate speeds.

Odd road survey questions.
Odd road survey questions.

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