The formation of the WBRA in 1974

I recently viewed the old Minutes book for the WBRA and found the minutes of the meetings where the Association was founded and set up. I’ve attached photos and also typed out that set of Minutes below. I aim in future to add further Minutes, but will date them to some time ago so they won’t stream through the feed, to your email inbox, or appear on the front page of the site. They’ll be available though under the Committee Minutes Category.

Those other minutes are likely to be available only as photos, unless folks are willing to help type them up. Any takers to type up a page or two?

A couple of notes of interest: the first meeting was attended by 27 Ratepayers, some of whom were accompanied by their wives or friends, because, of course, women weren’t people in those days.

Also: one of the original aims was To preserve the environmental assets of the area, something which is lacking from the current aims.

Minutes of a meeting held on the property of Mr Howard Hurn, Drake Street, Waikawa on 31 August, 1974 at 2:30 PM.

PRESENT: 27 Ratepaying residents, whose names are attached herewith, some of whom were accompanied by their wives or friends.

APOLOGIES: Received from 13 Ratepayers, whose names are attached, were sustained.

PREAMBLE: The chair was taken by Mr Ken Dalzell who explained the background and purpose of the meeting. A typescript of his speech is attached herewith.

FORMATION OF AN ASSOCIATION: The proposal by Mr S.O. Jarratt seconded by Mr C.A. McKie that an association of Ratepayers in the Waikawa area be formed was passed unanimously.

NAME OF THE ASSOCIATION: after discussion the proposal of Mr S.O. Jarratt seconded by Mr T.G. Smillie was unanimously agreed that the Association be called The Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association

COMMITTEE: The Proposal that the Interim Committee which had done the preparitary work referred to in the Chairman’s speech be elected enbloc was carried unanimously. Pugh / Jarratt

Messrs K. Dalzell, H. Hurn, N. Hewitt, J. Briggs, C. Mckie, R. Stewart, S. Calvert were duly elected.

It was proposed that the Committee be limited to twelve members.

To bring the Committee to full strength the following were elected.

  • E. G. Webb : Hurn / Jarratt
  • P. N. Edwards : Jarratt / Pugh
  • A. Mackay : K. Dalzell / Smith
  • W. Robinson : Edwards / G. Dalzell
  • M. L. Hanlon : Hurn / Spidey

It was unanimously agreed that the Committee elect its own officers. Jarratt / Hurn

FINANCE: On the proposal of Mr Edwards and seconded by Mr Pugh it was unanimously agreed that the annual subscription of members be $5.

ASSOCIATION SOLICITORS: A commendatory letter was received from MR E.G. Webb of Webb, Paris & Hyams, Wellington, which was read to the meeting. In the letter Mr Webb offered to act as the Association’s Hon. Solicitor.

Proposed by Mr Jarratt seconded by Mr Edwards that Mr Webb’s kind offer be accepted with thanks and he be asked to draw up a draft constitution for the Association.

AIMS OF THE ASSOCIATION: The suggestion of the interim Committee that the aims be:

  1. To preserve the environmental assets of the area
  2. To develop the recreational facilities
    was carried unanimously. Mr Moffatt, seconded by Mr Pugh, proposed the following be added
  3. To protect the interests of Ratepayers

This was carried unanimously.

OBJECTIVES: The immediate objectives as suggested by the interim Committee were agreed as follows

  1. The Protection of the River
  2. Installation of some form of Fire Protection
  3. The general collection of Rubbish
  4. Investigate the possibilities of general improvements to the Beach area
  5. Investigate what measures could be taken to improve the safety of children ie the imposition of a 30 mph speed limit, water safety signs
  6. The installation of a Public Telephone

The meeting closed with a vote of thanks to Mr Hurn for the use of his property for the meeting.


  1. B.J. Roberston
  2. L.R. Hickford
  3. T.C. Brandon
  4. R.W. Stewart
  5. S.O. Jarratt
  6. A.F. Taylor
  7. A.R. Williams
  8. J.R. Conway
  9. G.J. Burton
  10. G.C. Tyler
  11. G.H. Dalzell
  12. K.A.J. Dalzell
  13. H. Hurn
  14. H.P. Hewett
  15. T.C. Pugh
  16. H. Edwards
  17. S. Calvert
  18. T.G. Feek
  19. J.G. Smillie
  20. J. Briggs
  21. M.L. Hanlon
  22. K.H. Whiteman
  23. A. Mackay
  24. W.A. Moffatt
  25. C.A. Mackie
  26. C.H. Spidey
  27. K. Smith


  • I.N. Drake
  • W. Robinson
  • R. Evans
  • R. Bryan
  • E.G. Webb
  • N. Donaldson
  • L.T.M. Ivamy
  • D. McCulloch
  • Messrs Jury, Peterson, Rowe, Gill and Neil

Minutes of a meeting held at the residence of Mr S. Calvert on 31 August, 1974.

PRESENT: Mr K. Dalzell, Chairman; Messrs Hurn, Hewett, Briggs, McKie, Stewart, Edwards, Mackay, Hanlon and Calvert.


  1. To Elect the officers of the Association
  2. To Elect sub committees to be responsible for projects
  3. Bank
  4. Records

CHAIRMAN FOR THE ASSOCIATION: Mr K. Dalzell was unanimously elected

SECRETARY / TREASURER: Mr S. Calvert was unanimously elected

SUB-COMMITTEES: The following were agreed

  1. River Protection: Messrs K. Dalzell, convener, Stewart, Hurn
  2. Fire Protection: Messrs Hanlon, convener, McKie, Edwards
  3. Rubbish Collection: Messrs Briggs, convener, W. Robinson, McKie
  4. Improvements: Mackay, convener, Hewett, Briggs
  5. Safety: Edwards, convener, Calvert

BANK: It was agreed that the association bank be the Eastern & Central Savings Bank, Levin with which an account be opened forthwith.

CHEQUES: It was agreed that cheques be signed by any TWO of the following K. Dalzell, S. Calvert, H. Hurn.

ADMINISTRATION: It was agreed that the Secretary be empowered

  1. To set up with the records of the association
  2. Draw Petty Cash to the sum of $10
  3. Design and purchase headed note paper

The next meeting of the Committee was called for 15 September at the Secretary’s residence at 2 pm.

Minutes of the WBRA foundation meeting, page 1.
Minutes of the WBRA foundation meeting, page 1.
Minutes of the WBRA foundation meeting, page 2.
Minutes of the WBRA foundation meeting, page 2.
Minutes of the WBRA foundation meeting, page 3.
Minutes of the WBRA foundation meeting, page 3.
Minutes of the inaugural committee meeting, page 1.
Minutes of the inaugural committee meeting, page 1.
Minutes of the inaugural committee meeting, page 2.
Minutes of the inaugural committee meeting, page 2.

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