Toilet block improvements?

The Hank Edwards Reserve toilet block was built decades ago and needs maintenance and repairs. It also has its problems. Earlier in 2019 toilets blocked repeatedly, causing flooding, and the Council spent a lot of money on repairs to the septic system.

The building itself needs some structural work too.

Digger finding the pipes from the septic tank.

The women’s side has 3 small cubicles, a sink with cold water, and a large area for getting changed.

The men’s side has a urinal, a cubicle, a sink, a changing area and a locked room which contains the pump for the bore. Things are very cramped for those using the toilets.

Between the two blocks is an open-air shower on one side and a covered bench on the other.

With an attractively cobblestoned path, a concrete step, a narrow entrance and no lighting, both blocks are difficult or impossible for many people to access. The lack of lighting makes it a bit of a scary place in the dark.

Yet the toilets are well-used by both members of the community and individuals and groups who visit from elsewhere. There is a very low but constant daily use, and occasional high use.

The Horowhenua District Council wants to improve our facilities by making some necessary structural repairs and also overhauling things to improve the usefulness and user-friendliness.

It’s very early stages yet, but one proposal could bring:

  • two larger, accessible, unisex cubicles, with lighting, and perhaps a baby-change table and soap
  • an additional outdoor shower
  • one or two smaller changing areas
  • a secure area where the WBRA could store equipment such as is used for the AGM and summer events
  • better lighting
Toilet Block - Waikawa Beach
Toilet Block – Waikawa Beach. Note the narrow entrances with a raised step.

It might be that one side is removed in part or in whole, and the other side completely remodeled.

No decisions have yet been made, but officers from the Council have put the general idea to us and will now approach a designer to formulate some more specific ideas.

The Council are keen to do this in consultation with the community rather than simply imposing something that might not be what’s best for us.

Please leave any comments below to help guide the Association Committee.

2 thoughts on “Toilet block improvements?”

  1. Excellent thoughts. It is not pleasant in there at present. The outside shower would be improved by having a lower foot wash. Thanks

  2. That’s a great idea. It makes me think it’d be good to have a hook to tie up dogs and a plumbed dog drinking water bowl so folks can tie up their dogs while using the toilet, and dogs can have a drink.

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