Waikawa Beach groyne to be partly removed

Horizons Regional Council has agreed to pay for $20,000 in modifications to a dysfunctional seawall at Waikawa Beach. …

Horizons’ river management group manager Ramon Strong said a consultant’s report recommended part of the groyne – a type of seawall that prevents erosion – should be removed as it was potentially reducing its effectiveness.

Strong said the work was “one step in the journey along the way” for sorting out a long-term solution for Waikawa Beach’s erosion troubles.

Source: Erosion works at Waikawa Beach to be funded by Horizons Regional Council | Stuff.co.nz.

When Ramon Strong presented the Tonkin and Taylor report to the WBRA Committee he pointed out that the high-angle groyne seemed to be causing problems rather than solving them. He said he hoped to be able to remove it, and fairly soon. It looks like that will now happen. He also mentioned using the rocks from that groyne to help build-up the older, longer groyne.

Figure 4, showing the throat of the Waikawa Stream.
Figure 4, showing the throat of the Waikawa Stream.

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