Can you help 3 abandoned Waikawa Beach cats?

Just before Christmas some people moved out from a house in the village and abandoned their pet cats. Concerned neighbours have been feeding the cats, hoping the owners would return to pick them up, but that hope is fading fast.

Before the neighbours take the cats to the SPCA, is anyone in Waikawa Beach wanting to adopt a cat?

If you’re interested or have any other information please text as soon as possible to: 0273242231.

The cats are very friendly: all females, one around 8 months old, the other two a bit older. None of them appear pregnant.

The youngest one is the photo I have labelled Spotty, next eldest would be Torti and then Tabby would be the eldest. Tabby is not very old by the look of her.

I don’t know if they are microchipped or speyed. I do know that Torti and Tabby were being fed by the people that have left. Spotty is a new hungry wee thing that seems to be part of their group as there is no fighting when they are feeding.

Small cat.
Cat from above.
Tortoiseshell cat.
Tortoiseshell cat.
Tabby cat.

2 thoughts on “Can you help 3 abandoned Waikawa Beach cats?”

  1. Recommend checking first if SPCA will actively seek rehoming, after neutering/chipping, rather than euthanise. Otherwise see if the Outpawed Rescue Trust will accept them.

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