Check it’s alright before you light a fire this summer

With Christmas almost here fires are already a thing to think about at Waikawa Beach. On 19 December 2020 a small fire was found burning in driftwood between the south track off Reay Mackay Grove and the Waiorongomai Stream.

Driftwood fire.
Driftwood fire.

Found early in the morning, the fire may well have been lit the previous night.

Fires are not permitted on the beach at any time!

Fires are allowed under certain circumstances at times — such as in firepits, pizza ovens and incinerators. Fire and Emergency have an improved website where you can check if it’s alright to light your fire. Be aware though of various regulations and laws about smoke nuisance. Check the information at Fires and smoke at Waikawa Beach for details. In short: let your neighbours breathe easy.

Understanding fire risk conditions will now be clearer and simpler, thanks to a new online tool launched today by the Minister in charge of Fire and Emergency New Zealand, Internal Affairs Minister Jan Tinetti.

“Last summer, wildfires destroyed over 10,000 hectares of native bird habitat. No one wants their property destroyed or their life disrupted by fire, but many of us don’t realise just how risky some common activities are,” Jan Tinetti says.

The new mobile-friendly tool on Fire and Emergency’s website makes it easier for people to understand fire danger conditions across the country and helps make informed decisions about lighting outdoor fires this summer.

“New Zealanders can check local fire danger and fire season status, and get clear guidance on whether they need a permit to light a fire or not. …

“Climate change mean that fires present a growing threat to communities here and overseas. As we enter a hot, dry summer, it is important people understand the risks and act accordingly. …

“In New Zealand, 99% of wildfires are started by people – it only takes a spark. Our actions make all the difference, especially when the fire danger is heightened over summer,” Jan Tinetti says.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand wants fire risks to be front of mind for everyone thinking of lighting fires or undertaking spark generating activities this summer. Before lighting any kind of fire, check the local fire danger at

Source: Summer Wildfire Prevention Campaign Launched |

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