Community Plans for Ōhau and Manakau

Horowhenua District Council has recently adopted two more Community Plans — for Ōhau and Manakau:

A Community Plan is the voice of that community and will highlight their goals and aspirations. It will outline what the community wants to preserve in their area and outline ways to enhance and develop other areas of importance.

Council has formally adopted the Waitārere Beach, Ōhau and Manakau Community Plans. These plans were developed based on extensive engagement with the community and set out the vision, values, priorities and actions of each community.

Ōhau’s plan includes things like fresh water, beach access, recreational pathways and a community group, such as a Progressive Association. There is concern too about roads, travel and transport.

Manakau’s plan makes mention of their strong links with Waikawa Beach. Again, the plan includes things like fresh water, recreational pathways and issues around roads, travel and transport.

Both plans are worth a look, and provide foood for thought about a possible Waikawa Beach community plan. What things do we value?

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