Cows munching your vegie garden?

This is the time of year when grass dries up and neighbouring cows may look longingly across your fence to your nice green lawn and flourishing vegie garden. Sometimes the cows may even bust through the fence and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

If that does happen you should contact the farmer first, but if it’s an ongoing problem you might like to have a chat to the Horowhenua District Council Animal Control officers at 06 366 0999.

The Stock Control Bylaw applies throughout the Horowhenua District and is effective from 13 July 2005. The purpose of the Bylaw is to make better provision for the control of stock.

Source: Animal Complaints – Horowhenua District Council. Read the bylaw (110 KB PDF) for yourself. (Or on our site: HDC-Stock-Control-and-Keeping-of-Poultry-Bees-and-Pigs-Bylaw.pdf.)

These are the pertinent points:

The obligations imposed on stock owners by this Bylaw, require every owner of stock.

(7.1.b) To ensure stock are kept under control at all times.

(7.1.c) To take all reasonable steps to ensure that stock do not damage or endanger any property belonging to any other person..

(26.1) Owners of stock are responsible for all boundary fences on their property to ensure they are kept in good condition so stock are securely contained at all times.

Steer lurking behind flax.
Steer lurking behind flax.

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