Footbridge safety measures from December 2020

The limit of people on the footbridge at any one time is 10 people. Also stay off the bridge during very high winds. These limits have been set by Horowhenua District Council as a result of a technical safety audit done as part of an ongoing repair programme.

We received advice from Stephan Titze, Parks and Property Project Lead at HDC:

I would like to provide you with a quick update on the latest developments on the Waikawa Beach Pedestrian Bridge maintenance.

Following the recently initiated bridge inspection I have initiated the installation of a signboard which is informing bridge user on a weight restriction (maximum 10 people at a time — and no use during high wind — higher than 100km).

This signboards are already developed and will be installed soon.

In addition I have requested our external service provider Treescape to trim back overhanging branches which might cause a danger for bridge user or the bridge itself. This is mainly focused on the beach site.

I also requested Recreational Service to replace parts of the grip mats installed on the bridge surface as there are worn out.

However, as Tree scape will have no vehicle access to the beach site and will be required to carry all branches over the bridge, we will wait with the mat replacement until the tree work has been finalised to avoid duplication of the work.

So far the date of the tree work is not fixed yet but we have been promised by treescape that this can be achieved prior to the celebration days.

Unfortunately at the day of tree work the bridge access will be limited (closed) due to the closed range of the work to the bridge.

However, as soon as I have a fixed date I will inform you and would kindly request you to post this restriction on your webpage so that your community is aware of this work and related restrictions.

Thank you for your support.

Update 13 December 2020: the sign has been put up, with text:
Kaua i nui atu i te 10 tāngata i te wā kotahi
Kaua e whakawhiti atu mēnā he kaha te pupuhi o te hau.

Maximum load 10 people at a time
Do not use during high winds

Footbridge capacity sign.
Footbridge capacity sign.
Drone Photo 0398. River from footbridge to groyne.
Drone Photo 0398 by Blair. River from footbridge to groyne.

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