Hanuere (January) 2020 Newsletter

Kia ora koutou katoa. Welcome to the season formerly known as summer (raumati). This season’s colour is the cool tones of Drizzle Grey. What’s Hot: indoor activities. What’s Not: the weather.

  1. Summer activities
  2. AGM and Committee
  3. Waikawa Beach community values
  4. Recycling updates
  5. Rubbish updates
  6. Traffic news
  7. Drone photos
  8. Sunday yoga
  9. Sea spurge plants
  10. Fire restrictions
  11. Property news
  12. Subscriptions and membership details

Summer activities

The summer activities were popular and everyone had loads of fun. Once again, we thank the volunteers for their fabulous organising skills and their dedication to making sure the community has a good time. Take a look at: Great turnout for Boat Day on 28 December 2019 and More Boat Day photos 01 January 2020.

Also see: Sports Day 01 January 2020 and Sand Sculpture Day photos 04 January 2020.

Home made raft sail is too tall to go under the bridge.
Oops! Low bridge!
Adults and kids in a wheelbarrow race.
What a great set of wheelbarrows!

AGM and Committee

About 60 people attended the AGM. Read the Chair’s WBRA Annual Report 2019 and see an unofficial write-up at AGM 2019 initial notes.

We farewelled 3 committee members with thanks for their service, and welcome 2 new members. The 2020 Committee is: Chair: John Hewitson. Secretary: Pip Clout. Treasurer: Elaine White. Committee: Glen Belsham, Debra Betts, Dominic Hayden, Miraz Jordan, Pat O’Sullivan, Yvonne Small, Lesley-Anne Walker, Gary Whitaker.

Waikawa Beach community values

One of the really important AGM points was the information Councillor Christine Mitchell shared with us:

Horowhenua population is growing more and faster than expected. At current growth rates today’s 35,000 people could grow to 40,000 by June 2028 and 50,000 by June 2038. We will need to be active in any consultations to preserve our community.

Faced with such huge growth rates in our wider community, we’ll also see pressure on Waikawa Beach itself. It’s inevitable that in times to come the Council will make all kinds of proposals for housing, industry and services that could deeply affect the nature of the Waikawa Beach community. We need to think about what it is we value and take an active role in deciding the shape of our community’s future.

In 2008 the Association commissioned a Survey of Waikawa Beach Residents to help steer its approach to future development. We’ll put that on the website when we can (it’ll be in the form of photos of the pages).

It’s appropriate now for us all to consider again what we value about our community, how we might like it to develop and what we would reject. How do you see our community developing in the face of significant population growth around us? What is it about Waikawa Beach that you really treasure?

Recycling updates

There was discussion at the AGM about the noise created by having the recycling station so close to houses on Manga Pirau Street. There is ongoing discussion about whether the station can be relocated to a spot which is still accessible, but less likely to disturb residents.

As for our recycling wheelibins, very strong winds on collection day recently helped distribute paper and plastic around the community. We asked Horowhenua District Council about clips for the wheelibin lids, as they have in Wellington, but the prospects are poor. See Ask for Wheelibin clips and No wheelibin clips (for now).

Rubbish updates

Watch out for news about the Special inorganic rubbish collection April 2020. We won’t accept concrete or hazardous goods. This is a service the WBRA organises for the community. Although there is a charge, subscription income is used to cover any shortfall.

Traffic news

Road blockages and delays are an ongoing problem along ‘our’ stretches of State Highway 1. We were given actual data for 2018 and 2019 and it looks on the surface as though things might have improved. See Fewer crashes nearby in 2019 for more.

Local road and rail received a funding boost on 29 January 2020, with improvements to the rail system and the promise of roading improvements by 2029. See Funding for local transport January 2020 for more detail.

Drone photos

Many thanks to Blair Rogers for his river mouth Drone photos, January 2020.

Sunday yoga

Locals have organised Sunday yoga sessions, 9 am at Hank Edwards Reserve, bring mat and $10. Class led by
Julie Donaldson. See Sunday Yoga at Hank Edwards Reserve January 2020 for more.

Sea spurge plants

We were asked to tell everyone about sea spurge plants. See Dangerous and unwanted: Sea Spurge plants. If you spot these plants in our dunes please don’t touch (they’re harmful to people) and do report to the MPI Biosecurity NZ Exotic Pest and Disease hotline 0800 80 99 66 as soon as possible.

Sea Spurge plant.
Sea Spurge plant in close-up at Himatangi Beach.

Fire restrictions

A Restricted Fire Season is in place:

Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) have advised that as of 8am Friday 24 January 2020 a Restricted Fire Season is in place for the entire Horowhenua District, until revoked or amended by Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

Note: All beach and sand dune areas remain in a Prohibited Fire Season (Total Fire Ban) 365 days a Year.

Property news

For sale: 61 Emma Drive, 101 Emma Drive, 5 Strathnaver Drive. Sold: approx 169 Strathnaver Drive, 7 Sand Dune Grove, 9 Sand Dune Grove, 42A Strathnaver Drive, 80 Reay Mackay Grove.

With a recent burglary in Manakau, this is a good time to remind you to connect with your neighbours: share contact details and keep an eye open for unusual goings-on around you.

Subscriptions and membership details

Already paid? Thank you!

It’s time to pay your subs. We now use a service that allows us to send receipts if we have your email address.

We’re also updating our member database. Please visit waikawabeach.org.nz/subs-form/ to send us your current contact details (and sub payment date) so we can make sure our membership list is up-to-date. Please actually supply the details in case what we already have isn’t what you think it is.

Subs this year are the same as last year: $25.

Pay online to account 03 0667 0268929 000. Include your name and beach address so we know who’s paid. There’s not a lot of space on the bank form, so it also helps if you fill in the form mentioned above or email wbra.committee@gmail.com with your name, beach address, postal address, most up-to-date email address and date of payment so we can make sure our records are completely up to date.

Or, post a cheque to E White, PO Box 30309, Lower Hutt. However you pay your subscription be sure to include your beach address and name.

Kia tūpato te haere! — Go carefully!

Ngā mihi nui,
Miraz Jordan

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