Herd by Horses, a Waikawa Beach business

One business based at Waikawa Beach, Herd by Horses, promotes physical, mental and emotional growth through horses.

Article and photo from Community Wellbeing Newsletter Locally Sourced – Christmas 2020, from Horowhenua District Council.

Herd by Horses is located in idyllic countryside in Waikawa Beach, with space and tranquility for groups or individuals to attend workshops alongside horses.

Anna Royal and Kelly Henry facilitate activities that involves horses to promote physical, mental and emotional growth in people that are experiencing issues such as ADHD, Autism, Social Anxiety, low self esteem and much more.

Why horses?

Horses live in a social herd environment and are prey animals so they are very sensitive to their environment. They are very good mirrors of our emotions, body language and energy, making them very powerful messengers. The horse gives immediate, honest and non-judgmental feedback.

Boundaries, trust, respect, self control and patience, confidence, effective communication, empathy, assertiveness, creative thinking, problem solving, leadership, reduced stress levels, improved self esteem and empowerment are skills and experiences learned from the horses which can be transferred into real life.

This is available for individuals, families and groups for team building with each session bespoke planned for each person or group. At times a counsellor/social worker may co-facilitate if needed.

The photo is the Horowhenua Youth Network enjoying an end of year team team building morning with a focus on wellbeing in the lead up to the festive season. The horses were used to support the team while trust and respect was needed by both to complete a course.

For further information please contact:

Herd By Horses
Phone: 027 635 3537
Email: herdbyhorsesnz@gmail.com
Address: Waikawa Beach Road

Herd by Horses session.
Herd by Horses session.

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