Māehe (March) 2020 newsletter

Kia ora e te whānau. Autumn brings us cool, misty mornings, splendid hot blue-sky days and a bit of turbulence in our otherwise peaceful world. It’s time to really show the best of our little community and to look out for one another, being even kinder than necessary.

  1. Gull rescue
  2. Our community cares
  3. Footbridge update
  4. Toilet block update
  5. Gutter spraying
  6. Property news
  7. Become a member

Gull rescue

Several members of our community recently came upon a very large number of black-backed gulls in trouble along the beach, mainly between the Waikawa river and Kuku. The birds were struggling to move, some dying within minutes. They managed to rescue some and take them to various places where they could be helped, including Massey University. It’s possible they ingested poison, but we hope to hear definitively in a couple of weeks. Many thanks to those who stepped up and took action.

Since it seems possible that the gulls were affected by poison, watch your dogs on the beach.

Our community cares

Waikawa Beach is a community where we look out for one another. We’ve encouraged you before to make contact with neighbours and keep an eye on one another’s property.

Now with the declared Covid-19 pandemic we need to stretch things a bit further. Is there a neighbour who might need a bit of help? In these uncertain times some folks may be feeling stressed or worried about going out to the shops. Some may have health issues that make it sensible to stay home more.

We need to know as a community that we’re all OK and have the help we need. Keep an eye on your neighbours, and reach out if you need help.

Healthline: Free health advice and information, anytime: 0800 611 116.

Need to talk? To connect with a professional counsellor free call or text 1737.

Luckily we have clean fresh air and plenty of space here. Stay healthy — enjoy a walk on the beach, but maybe give people a bit of extra space when you stop for a chat.

Stay in touch with neighbours. This is an unusual and difficult time for all, but we have a strong community and together we’ll thrive.

Confused about flattening the curve? We all know about the curve as we face it any time we try to drive to or from Wellington. If we’d all space out our travel there wouldn’t be any congestion on the road. The problem comes on Friday afternoons and holiday weekends when everyone tries to travel at the same time. The virus curve is the potential for all of us to get sick at the same time, putting impossible pressure on our health services.

If we give people space, wash our hands thoroughly with soap and water, and avoid being around others if we’re unwell (even with an ordinary cold) then we can reduce how many people get sick at any one time.

Kia kaha e hoa mā! — Let’s go team!

River by the footbridge.
River by the footbridge.

Footbridge update

Council officers have advised us that in 2021 the footbridge will probably be improved. It’s part of ongoing maintenance to look after the structure to ensure it’s safe and usable. Work could include sandblasting and painting, though there is a slight chance that no work at all will be done. Council officers are considering options and costs and will let us know when a final decision is made. Once a plan is in place, the first step will be to obtain resource consents, which can be quite time consuming.

Toilet block update

Watch the website for details of the draft plan for the update of the Hank Edwards Reserve toilet block. At a meeting with Council officers on 17 March 2020 we learned that the structure has been examined and surveyed. While the concrete block exterior walls are sound, the freestanding walls are unsafe (think: earthquake!) and the concrete beam that holds the roof to the walls is deteriorating and unsound.

The draft plan is to demolish most of the block containing the male toilets, to put a new roof on the women’s block and to transform the women’s block into two larger accessible unisex self-contained toilets, a store room and a changing room.

There will also be provision for open-air showers and some other facilities, including lighting. Specific details to come.

Gutter spraying

On Monday, 16 March 2020 Recreational Services from Horowhenua District Council sprayed gutters and a few other spots around the village and Reay Mackay Grove with blue-stained glyphosate to kill weeds.

Property news

For sale: 37 Sarah Street, 45 Manga Pirau Street, 3 Norna Grove, 101 Emma Drive, approx 49B Kristin Place (77 hectares). Under contract: 5 Strathnaver Drive.

Become a member of the Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association

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Ways to pay the $25 membership fee:

A: Online to account 03 0667 0268929 000 . Provide details on form: Name, Beach Address, email address.
ALSO: visit waikawabeach.org.nz/subs-form/ and complete the Contact Database info there.

B: By cheque: to E White, PO Box 30309, Lower Hutt. Include:

  • Waikawa Beach address
  • Main contact name
  • Main contact email address
  • Main contact phone number
  • Status: owner or tenant, group ownership
  • Other Waikawa Beach properties (addresses)
  • Home address if not at Waikawa Beach
  • Secondary contact details

Queries and other info: wbra.committee@gmail.com

Ngā mihi nui,
Miraz Jordan

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