Message in a bottle

It’s so interesting what turns up on the beach. An Australian radiosonde, for example. Today a member of the community found a message in a bottle, with thanks to John Brown for the info:

The following note was found in a small bottle by Barry Smith between Waikawa and Ohau Rivers today 4 January 2020.

The position the ship was in is just north east of Gabo Island, off the Australian mainland at the eastern entrance to Bass Strait and was probably on a voyage between Sydney and Melbourne or vice versa. The distance is 2197 kilometers but the bottle probably travelled much more than this in the 15 months.

The note, on Princess Cruises Golden Princess letterhead, reads:

23rd October 2018
Position: South: 37Β° 51.81
East: 149Β° 51.94
From: Roof (Wentworth) Tyler
[phone number]
Australia’s biggest Wentworth fan.

Message in a bottle.
Gabo Island location.

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