Official 2018 stats about Waikawa (Horowhenua District)

We can now view Census data from 2018 and earlier for Waikawa:

Find 2018 Census data about Waikawa (Horowhenua District) (find map boundary). Topics include population, ethnicity, religion, health, employment, income, education, and housing.

Source: Place Summaries | Waikawa (Horowhenua District) | Stats NZ.

Note: this isn’t just Waikawa Beach, but an area that encompasses from the southern boundary to roughly Hokio Beach Road and from around Takapu Road to the sea.

Census area 2018.
Census area 2018.

This area included 750 people and about half the houses were occupied private dwellings.

Number of people: 750
Median age: 51.7 years
Males: 378
Females: 369
Number of Māori: 174
Māori median age: 31.7 years

Census population 2018.

Occupied private dwellings: 333
Unoccupied private dwellings: 342

The rest of the data is very interesting too. I suggest you take a look for yourself.

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