Oketopa (October) 2020 WBRA Newsletter

Kia ora koutou kātoa. Spring is definitely with us, bringing gales, late frosts, warm days, cold days, rain, and of course the Great Changing Of The Clocks. Handy phrase for the month: Kei te pupuhi te hau! (It’s windy!)

When the WBRA Committee meets at Labour Weekend we’ll be planning summer events and activities. Let’s hope that our Covid-19 reponse in this country continues well so we’ll be able to relax and run our usual activities.

Before then, of course, we have the General Election. There are many polling places available for those voting in this Ōtaki electorate, including the Manakau District Hall, 12 Mokena Kohere Street, Manakau, from 9 am to 7 pm on 17 October 2020. You should have received your voting papers by now, so please make sure to cast your ballot.

  1. Property
  2. Population growth in Horowhenua
  3. Long Term Plan
  4. Spinifex planting
  5. Recycling
  6. WBRA Subscriptions are due now


For the longest time there weren’t really any properties for sale around Waikawa Beach then suddenly two houses were listed (4 Mavis Ave and 28 Sarah Street) and were sold within days. 3 Mavis Avenue and the section at 89 Strathnaver Drive are for sale at time of writing.

Population growth in Horowhenua

Horowhenua District Council is reporting that Population growth in Horowhenua is higher than the national average:

The review predicts 2.6% growth every year between now and 2029 compared to 1.2% growth nationally.

It seems reasonable to think that local housing demand will increase.

Long Term Plan

Air your views on Council’s Long Term Plan 2021-2041.

The survey is open until 8am on Monday 19 October 2020. People can complete the survey online at horowhenua.govt.nz/growingourfuturetogether or in hard copy at any Council customer service centre.

Further information is available at horowhenua.govt.nz/growingourfuturetogether

Spinifex planting

A small but dedicated group turned out on Saturday 22 August 2020 to plant 3,500 spinifex and pīngao plants. Many thanks! Read more at: Waikawa Beach Planting Day 2020

Volunteers hard at work.
Volunteers hard at work. Note the new tape and how much sand has accumulated below last year’s tape.


Recycling remains a bit of an issue, with Horowhenua District Council releasing guidelines: What and when to recycle. Plenty of people are still confused about which week to put out recycling. We maintain a list of dates on the front page of our website. Over the Christmas period recycling will be collected on 07 and December 2020, 04 and 18 January 2021.

Last summer Horowhenua District Council placed a recycling station at the edge of Hank Edwards Reserve for about 3 months. This was very popular, with both locals and those from further away, however it created a very distressing noise problem for nearby houses with smashing glass and vehicle noises all day and sometimes all night. We’ll be discussing these issues again with the Council before summer.

Get recycling right poster.

WBRA Subscriptions are due now

The new financial year for the WBRA has begun and that means it’s time to pay your subs. We have a couple of changes this year: we’re able to email receipts, but we need to know your email address.

We’re also trying to make sure our Waikawa Beach database is up-to-date. People have moved out, or in, email addresses have changed, names have changed, and some of the information we have is really old.

Please visit waikawabeach.org.nz/subs-form/ to send us your current contact details (and sub payment date) so we can make sure our membership list is up-to-date.

And please, same as last time just really isn’t helpful, unless you have secret access to our database and know for sure what info we have.

Subs this year are the same as last year: $25.

Pay online to account 03 0667 0268929 000. Please include your name and beach address so we know who’s paid. There’s not a lot of space on the bank form, so it also helps if you fill in the form mentioned above or email wbra.committee@gmail.com with your name, beach address, postal address, email address and date of payment so we can make sure our records are completely up to date.

Or, post a cheque to E White, PO Box 30309, Lower Hutt. However you pay your subscription be sure to include your beach address and name.

Ngā mihi nui,
Miraz Jordan

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