Population growth in Horowhenua is higher than the national average

In the last few weeks two houses have sold very quickly in the Waikawa Beach village. Not too surprising, when the population growth rate in Horowhenua is higher than the national average.

From the Horowhenua District Council on 15 October 2020, Population growth in Horowhenua will continue to outpace the country:

The population growth rate in Horowhenua will continue to outpace the rest of New Zealand for the next decade, a review of the Horowhenua Socio-Economic Projections has found. …

The review predicts 2.6% growth every year between now and 2029 compared to 1.2% growth nationally. From 2029 to 2039, the predicted growth is 2.8%. Horowhenua Mayor Bernie Wanden said population growth in Horowhenua outstripped the national growth rate for four years in a row, and it will continue to do so for the rest of the 2020s.

“By 2041, more than 62,000 people will live in Horowhenua – that’s larger than Whanganui and slightly less than live in Kāpiti now,” he said.

“The new expressways to the south have led to Horowhenua being named as a growth area by the Greater Wellington Region. …

Chief Executive David Clapperton said … We estimate that we need to double the annual build rate to 560 homes every year for the next 20 years.”

At its meeting of 14 October, Horowhenua District Council adopted this population growth assumption as the basis for planning its Long Term Plan 2021-2041. …

Group Manager Customer and Strategy David McCorkindale said … “We do not want to end up like growth cities that suffer from congestion, infrastructure issues, overcrowded classrooms and GP waiting rooms,”

Of course, we already suffer from congestion on SH1 and those who use the town water supply in Levin and elsewhere already endure restrictions every summer.

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