The draft Manakau Community Plan affects us. Have your say by 24 August 2020

We have a close relationship with Manakau, which means the draft Manakau Community Plan is something we should take a look at, and possibly comment on, especially around matters to do with roading.

Consultation is open from 3 August to midday 24 August 2020.

The Community Plan creates a vision for Manakau:

Manakau is a thriving, friendly and safe rural community with a strong sense of place, a healthy natural environment and good connectivity to other places.

It also identifies four priority areas that will help deliver the vision, each with specific actions attached.

Priority areas are:

  • Protect the special character and heritage values of Manakau
  • Ensure growth occurs in a sustainable and integrated way
  • Improve traffic safety and provide more transport options
  • Improve recreational spaces and water quality.
Manakau community plan graphic.
Manakau community plan graphic.

Read detailed information at the Manakau Community Plan page where you can also see how to have your say.

Some points of interest from the draft plan (3.5 MB PDF):

  • There are 4 projected areas for population growth around Manakau (P13). Land would need rezoning.
  • Council may also look at whether a small commercial area could be identified and provided for in Manakau. (P14)
  • Council may undertake a feasibility study on the delivery of reticulated water and wastewater to Manakau. (P14) Question: where would sewage be disposed of, and how might that affect Waikawa Beach?
  • All sorts of roading matters, including better connections between east and west sides of SH1 (P15 on).
  • Investigating public transport needs (P18).
  • Recreational activities, including shared pathways for cycling and horse riding, and cleaning up waterways (P19 on).

If you have opinions please have your say direct to Horowhenua District Council but also let the Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association know either by leaving comments here or by emailing them to the Committee at .

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