Toilet block — local mural artist and builder wanted

We’ve had an email today from the lead on the Hank Edwards Reserve toilet block renovations. In particular he’s looking for a local mural artist and a local construction company. Email or call +64272022156.

Morena koutou,

Greetings from Otaki.

I hope you are all in good health and that the lock up had only a limited impact into your life.

We, Robyn and I, have used the time in lock up to work further on the detailed design for the toilet block and I hope that the final draft (incl. documents for the application) will be ready by end of this month. For sure those detailed designs will be shared and discussed with you as soon as they are ready.

I would like to follow up on two points I already have raised during our meeting.

We would like to consider a mural at the external walls and wonder if there is any local artist in Waikawa Beach who might be interested in supporting her/ his community?

I also would like to hear from any local construction companies who will have the capability and equipment for such work as I would like to invite this company into the upcoming tender process. For sure this company, if existing, would need to undergo the Health and Safety approval process of Horowhenua District Council and we could start this process already to be ready in case this local builder would win the tender process.

Please be so nice and have a thought and come back to me.

Best regards and stay safe.

Stephan Titze
Property and Parks Project Lead • Horowhenua District Council

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