Toilet block update March 2020

On Tuesday, 17 March 2020 John Hewitson and Miraz Jordan met with Robyn de la Haye (Essence design), Ben Wood (HDC Property and Parks Officer) and Stephan Titze (HDC Property and Parks Project Lead) about the usage and proposed improvement of toilet facilities at Hank Edwards Reserve. The following report was provided by Stephan Titze:

Presentation of feasibility study

An external structural engineer has examined the two buildings and has come to the following findings / suggestions

  1. Both buildings show significant corrosion on all structural anchor systems (bracing, bolts etc) and need replacing
  2. Both concrete beams are showing significant signs of spalling and need replacement
  3. Parts of the roof structures (timber) are rotten and need replacement
  4. Internal walls, front wall (view protect from entrance) as well as shower wall (between buildings) are free standing and not reinforced which will need to be demolished or significant reinforced
  5. Foundation and external walls of the building are in good condition and stronger than required


Considering the cost for a rehabilitation of both buildings the external structural eng. suggests the demolition of both buildings and the erecting of a new building

Discussion of option:

Based on calculated cost for demolition and new construction of a pre- fabricated toilet facility, which will fulfil the same demand an external architect has suggested the rehabilitation of one building (female) and the demolition of the male toilet block.

Keeping in mind that currently a 2 cubical toilet facility is estimated with approx. NZD 200,000 and will miss requested features such as changing room and storage – council personal supports the redesign of the (one) facility.

Representatives of WBRA are supporting the idea.

Presentation of suggested

Robyn de la Haye presented and handed over a draft design for the new rebuild facility which is to include the following aspects

  1. Splitting female block into four quarters with separate entrances consisting of
    • Two fully accessible toilet facilities
    • One family changing room (incl. by council suggested and blocked off water filtering system)
    • Storage room for WBRA
  2. Demolish male building but keep the foundation for further development (Council is looking into the possibilities to develop on this spot a public BBQ place in later stage)
  3. Establish removable cover over borehole
  4. Establish site wall and link / connect view protection of shower area with site wall and external wall of toilet block
  5. Move shower(s) close to view protection wall
  6. Establish new roof design with skylights (design to be decided based on preference and price) for amenity block
  7. Include internal air circulation systems (design to be decided)

Adjustments / Equipment discussed

The following minor adjustments / requirements have been discussed

  • Moving power box to new building
  • Moving AED to new building
  • Establishment of power outlet to be utilized for function (inside storage?)
  • Preference for sensor water tubs and hand dryer (by WBRA)
  • No hot water connection
  • Availability of portable toilet during construction
  • Interest / availability of local artist to paint exterior / internal of facility
  • Preferred time line for construction during winter 2020 (July / Aug)

Further steps / Action point

  • WBRA presenting draft to members for feedback
  • Robyn provide cost estimates for building and both individual roof options
  • Stephan — summarize meeting and coordinate communication
  • Robyn forward draft design to Stephan — to be forwarded to WBRA

Nothing has been finalised yet, but take a look at the draft plans in PDF form below.

  1. 12.03.20-gable-roof-3d-view (820 KB PDF)
  2. 12.03.20-monopitch-roof-3d-view-and-3d-interior (1.2MB PDF)

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