Village entrance tree removal, 23 and 24 November 2020

Update 18-Nov-20: Electra have advised:

There will be stop/go temporary traffic management in place on the day(s) when the larger parts of the trees are coming down.

This may well cause delays so leave extra time to get to appointments on Monday and Tuesday.

Electra have assessed some Radiata Pine trees growing near 676 Waikawa Beach Road and found them to be dangerous:

During these inspections our senior arborist staff discovered there were some faults with the trees that could cause their partial failure resulting in parts of the trees coming to ground.

… taking into account the risk to public safety and probable damage to Electra’s overhead electricity network suppling the beach community, … Electra [will] remove them.

The proposed date for the works is November 23rd and 24th [2020], weather and unforeseen circumstance permitting.

Map of location.

We don’t have any further details at the moment, but it would be reasonable to expect that road access into and out of the village could be delayed or blocked for a while so the work can be done.

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