Walk on the beach, but not with others for a while

As of Monday 23 March 2020 NZ is at Level 3 alert for Covid-19 virus, and we will be at Level 4 by Wednesday. The Prime Minister clarified that while we must stay home, this doesn’t mean we’re confined to the house:

What I am again advising is that people will act in a solitary way locally. You may drive for a walk on your local beach, but you must stay local. We’re asking people to stay local, but there won’t be roadblocks

In cases where people are alone, stay in contact [in person] with only the same people for the entire time.

Coronavirus live updates in NZ and around the world on 23 March | RNZ News.

Covid-19 alert levels chart.
Covid-19 alert levels chart.

She also clarified that what we need to do is to stop associating in person with others, as it is now believed we have community transmission of the virus.

The point is to stop having close contact with numbers of other people.

What we should all do: reach out to others to check on them — perhaps by phone. Reach out if you need help.

Unfortunately, too, any event is one that people with bad intent can exploit. Beware folks you don’t know offering support, and keep an eye out for people who may see this as their chance to burgle properties or steal equipment or vehicles.

If you need help and don’t know who else to turn to then reach out to the Ratepayers Association.

We are a community that cares.

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