WBRA 2019 AGM Draft Minutes

Draft Minutes: Annual General Meeting of the Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association

Friday 27th December 2019 at Hank Edwards Reserve

Apologies received: Chris Wood, Jan Jordan, Yvonne Small, Brent & Eve Hayden

Confirmation that the minutes of the AGM for 2018 were a true and correct record.

Moved: LA Walker

Second: E. White

Business Arising:

Miratanas allowing maintenance on beach access

Policy re comments on website to be policed

Walkway – Manga Pirau St – not approved

Treasurers Report – Elaine White

Membership sub payments increased

Thank you to Debra Betts for a grant that was received to cover expenses i.e. website, printing etc

Copy attached of financial statement for 2019

Chairpersons Report: Copy Attached

See waikawabeach.org.nz/2020/wbra-annual-report-2019/

Election of Officers:

Chairperson: John Hewitson

Treasurer : Elaine White

Secretary P.Clout

Committee: M.Jordan, D.Hayden, G.Whitaker, Y.Small, Lesley-Ann Walker, Debra Betts, Pat O’Sullivan, Glen Belsham

Accounts Reviewer: John Brown

Councillor Christine Mitchell Report

1. A new mayor has been elected – Wayne Bishop and Christine Mitchell still our councillors

2. All parties are now working together – Village and Strathnaver

3. Vehicle Access approval – just awaiting the Miratanas signature on documents

4. Toilet block to be upgraded in 2020. Information regarding this is on the website.

5. Valuations some will have gone up but this does not necessarily mean rates will increase.

6. Communication from Horowhenua District Council is on Community Connection in the first week of every month. A copy of this will be put on the community noticeboard.

7. Council will send media releases to WBRA Secretary for distribution.

8. Growth is tracking high in the Horowhenua District with approximately 35,000 people. It is anticipated there will be up to 50,000 by June 2038 if growth continues at the present rate.

9. Plans as to where these extra people will be located is a concern as we also need to protect our land for growing produce within our region.

10. The Express way is due to be designated over the next 12 months if the Government release money to fund it.

11. We need to enjoy and protect our piece of paradise and also ensure we make submissions when there are consultations.

12. Christine thanked the WBRA for their work, and advised us to Protect our Piece of Paradise.

Questions put to Councillor Mitchell

Mark Pascall – re: Climate Change Committee (Council) Policy- Has the Council changed its priority with regard to the planning and consents in flood prone areas

Cr Mitchell: – Climate change now very much at centre of the decision making. Horizons responsible for identifying unsuitable areas. Groundwater levels will rise.

General Business:

It has been suggested that the internal toilets are closed off – build uni-sex toilets for Safety and upgrade showers. Awaiting final plans.

Chris Kilmister – understood that the recycling station at the reserve was not coming back due to the fact that all households have better recycling bins. It is extremely noisy and unacceptable.

Could we not have weekly pickups over summer for the recycling. Or could the bins be locked up at night. Otherwise could these bins be set up at the 50km sign.

Frank Averes – General rubbish is also being dumped there It has become a general dumping ground . People have even brought their wheelie bins and emptied into the station. .

John Hewitson : We are aware of the noise and have asked for soundproofing. We have also looked at locking the bins but people will just dump outside the bins We have asked to have it taken away earlier than planned.

Richard Walker :- Locking away will only encourage people to dump rubbish. If preferred these could be located on the Walkers property at the edge of the village.

Lindsay: Can we get the re-cycle truck back

Cr Mitchell: They are new contractors with a huge truck and this may be elsewhere. Probably logistically cannot come weekly. Getting another truck could rates

John Hewitson: Hard rubbish Collection is being proposed for Easter.

Miraz Jordan thanked John Hewitson for the awesome work he does during the year especially all that he does behind the scenes.

Meeting closed at 3.50pm

See also: AGM 2019 initial notes.

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