WBRA Annual Report 2019




The following were elected to the committee for the 2019 year. John Hewitson, Chairperson; Elaine White, Treasurer; John Russell, Secretary; Miraz Jordan; Lesley-Anne Walker; Yvonne Small; Dominic Hayden; Liz Duncan; Debra Betts; Gary Whitaker; Warwick Bainbridge; John Sharp.


During the year we lost the services of John Russell due to work pressures. I would like to thank John for his work while he was with us. After a lengthy period Pip Clout has put up her hand to act as secretary. I welcome Pip on board and hope we can resolve the problem of obtaining a laptop to assist her with her communications within the committee etc.

In the interim Miraz Jordan has acted as secretary and has been a great help for me as well as producing the very newsy newsletter. Thank you Miraz.

Beach access from Manga Pirau Street/Miratana section:

There have been several meetings with both the Horowhenua District Council (HDC) and Horizons Regional Council trying to get permanent access to the beach for vehicles, pedestrians and horses. The original access has been badly affected by heavy storms and at times impassable.

Early in December the HDC was able to get written permission to upgrade and maintain the access way. HDC has placed heavy mulch on the sand to stabilise the track and this will be ongoing.

All residents are requested to stay on the approved track to the beach and not try to create new tracks on the Miratana land as this could see the permission granted withdrawn.

Rubbish Collection:

General waste rubbish is still being collected by several contractors at various times on Mondays, but recyclable waste is now collected fortnightly in recently supplied wheelie bins. Residents have had some difficulty conforming with the rules which states that ONLY glass is to be placed in the green bins and all other recyclable material is stored in the YELLOW TOPPED wheelie bin. If we don’t comply with these instructions the offending bins will not be emptied.

Again this year the large recycling bin will be stationed at the toilet block until the end of January. Labels indicating which window to use have been installed. People using this facility are requested to place their glass etc. as quietly as possible and in daylight hours for the sake of nearby residents.

Road Speeds:

There have been several changes made to the speeds on local roads. The signs at the entrance have been moved out from the settlement to cover all of the garden and mown area.

Sand Dune Protection:

During the year there have been working bees held to help plant Spinifex supplied by HDC. Members of the association have planted several thousand plants on the day and some have returned to finish the job the following day to finish the work. Thank you all for your effort.

Toilet Block and Reserve:

After the disaster with blocked toilets last summer holidays they have had the drain field completely restored. The contractor also left a field of rocks on the reserve which have now been removed and the bare patch re-turfed.

The HDC has indicated that they propose to change the toilet building so that there will be Unisex toilets in place of the MALE/FEMALE toilets. They have been requested to supply changing facilities and also supply lighting. It is also proposed to upgrade the showers.

Rubbish on Beach:

There have been several incidents of people dumping rubbish on the beach this year. Residents are advised that if they are reported to council it could become quite costly for them.

Summer Activities:

There was a poor turn out for some of the summer activities and the weather played a part as well. There were not enough entries for 19 hole golf. A big thank you goes to Ngaire Hunter for arranging the 9 hole golf again.

Notice Board:

For those casual residents who do not get the Community Connection, the HDC has helped keep up to date with regular notices for the notice board.

The Defribulator (A.E.D.) has been checked at regular intervals and a spare battery is in the box alongside.

I would like to thank all the committee for their efforts during the year and while I was in Australia.

I would also like to thank Councillor Christine Mitchell for her support and information brought from H.D.C.

John Hewitson

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