WBRA Annual Report 2020


The following were elected to the committee for the 2020 year. John Hewitson, Chairperson; Elaine White, Treasurer; Pip Clout, Secretary; Committee: Miraz Jordan, Dominic Hayden, Gary Whitaker, Yvonne Small, Lesley-Anne Walker, Debra Betts, Patrick O’Sullivan, Glen Belsham.

Our secretary Pip Clout has joined us at a very difficult time with the onset of Covid 19. After the first meeting communications became very disjointed. Pip has done very well in getting information and passing it on to the committee.

This year there have been only two committee meetings. Members of the committee have attended several meetings with the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) to inform them of the problems that have been experienced entering and leaving Waikawa Beach Road both to the north and the south. To date the NZTA have been mainly focused on communicating with land owners who could be effected by the new highway, and to date have not responded to suggestions put forward by our representatives regarding improving access to and from Waikawa Beach Road. The main problems that were highlighted were the removal of the slip road to the north and the installation of the marker posts installed in the centre of the road to the south. The markers in the centre do not allow a vehicle to get up speed and merge safely.

Councillor Sam Ferguson (Horizons Regional Council) attended our meeting in October and he spoke on the work his council is involved in that directly effects Waikawa.

Councillor Christine Mitchell spoke on the impact Covid 19 has had on the council’s budget, how rates had been reduced for some, how businesses were booming, how grants were made to groups, and the councils Long Term Plan.

Beach Access

Access to the beach this year has not been too much of a problem as a result of mulch being laid on the vehicle track.

Owners of vehicles travelling on the beach still need to check water depths especially when crossing the river to travel north. Recently a vehicle became completely submerged after becoming stuck and then covered by the incoming tide. When the vehicle was recovered it became a total write off.

Rubbish Collection and Recycling

As a result of all the complaints received from residents living close to the large recycling station it has been agreed with the Horowhenua District Council (HDC) to shorten the period it stays alongside the toilet block.

All residents are encouraged to use the green bin (glass only) and the yellow topped wheelie bin for all other items fit for recycling.

Toilet Block

The toilet block set down for upgrading this year has now been delayed due to Covid 19 and hopefully it will be completed in 2021.

Fires on the Beach

There have been several instances where fires have been lit on the beach this year. Along with the possibility of sparks igniting the dunes, of great concern is the danger for people walking on the hot ashes. All fires within 3 kilometers from the high tide mark can only be lit after a permit has been issued by the authorities.

Removal of trees threatening power wires

After representation from the committee, most of the trees bordering Waikawa Beach Road adjacent to the high voltage lines supplying the settlement have been removed. The committees concern is that should they be blown over we would lose both our only access, and be without a power supply until the fallen trees were removed and line repairs completed. It is hoped that the remaining trees will be removed early in the new year.

Summer Activities

The summer activities organised by the committee have again proved very popular. Again 18 hole golf was not supported and did not take place. Thanks to Ngaire Hunter the Ambrose 9 hole tournament went well.

A big thankyou was given to Liz Duncan for all the work she has done while on the committee organizing sports day.

Notice Board

The notice board has been updated regularly with our newsletter, current copies of the Community Connection and information regarding Covid 19.

My thanks go to Miraz Jordan for the wonderful job she does with our newsletter. And the support I have had from all the committee members in these difficult times.

Thanks go also to Councillor Christine Mitchell for her keeping us up to date with council maters.

John Hewitson

27 December 2020

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