We’ll be seeing Police on the beach this summer

Expect to see Police officers on Waikawa Beach this summer (2020-21). They’ll particularly focus on safe speeds and on handling the ‘dance’ between vehicles and pedestrians.

Two police officers will be stationed at beaches from Tangimoana to Te Horo for eight weeks over summer, starting on Monday.

Senior Sergeant Beth Purcell said … safe speeds along the beaches and the safety of people crossing to and from the sea was a focus this year.

“We see this largely as a prevention role, educating and promoting safe driving practices enhancing public safety.” …

She said many people don’t know beaches were considered roads and were subject to bylaws that governed speed.

The officers would have quad bikes and would deal with speeding cars, public disorder and lost children, liaise with beach wardens and community service groups, and attend public events such as annual big digs. …

The officers would travel between nine beaches at Tangimoana, Himatangi, Foxton, Waitārere, Hokio, Kuku, Waikawa, Ōtaki and Te Horo.

Source: Police to patrol beaches over summer as tensions rise on the foreshore | Stuff.co.nz.

Some beach reminders as we come into the busy season:

On the beach

  • Watch out for and give way to wildlife, kids, dogs, horses and pedestrians in general. Slow down and relax.
  • Maximum speed on the beach is 30 Kph. Vehicles must be registered.
  • Drive between the latest high tide line and the water.
  • No motor vehicles of any kind in the dunes or on the tracks to the beach — the Manga Pirau Street entrance is the only place vehicles can access the beach.
  • No fires on the beach at any time.
  • Take away everything you bring on to the beach, including rubbish and food scraps. Put rubbish in the bins.
  • Remove your dog’s poop.
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet, the sea, sand and birds, the fish.

In the village and Strathnaver

  • Watch out for and give way to wildlife, kids, dogs, horses and pedestrians in general. Slow down and relax.
  • Fires: see Fires and smoke at Waikawa Beach for details. Check it’s safe; don’t allow smoke to annoy neighbours. Be aware a fire engine could be 20 minutes or more away.
  • Fireworks: there are a lot of horses, dogs, cats and other animals and people at Waikawa Beach who find fireworks terrifying. Many locals favour them being banned. Please limit or reconsider fireworks. No fireworks on the beach.
  • Speed limits: maximum 50 Kph by law in the village, but 30 Kph is a better choice over summer. 60 Kph in Strathnaver, but slower is better. When passing cyclists, horses and pedestrians slow down and move over.
  • Put rubbish in bins, not in the environment.

One thought on “We’ll be seeing Police on the beach this summer”

  1. I Hope We Will See The Police Here In Waikawa This Summer. There Has Been A Dramatic Increase Of Inconsiderate And Ignorant Motorists And Bike Riders In The Last 5 Years. This Includes Quad Bikes Which Have Become Ridiculously Over The Top. It’s About Time Speed Humps Were Put In The Village, Particularly In Manga Pirau St And Sarah Street . Some Idiots Are Driving In Excess Of 80KpH Down These Roads. This Once Quiet Beach Town Is Fast Becoming A Race Track For Clowns Who Have Little Respect For The Residents, Pets , Wildlife And People Walking Around The Village. This Nonsense Needs To Curtailed Before Someone Is Hurt Or Even killed Here!

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