Around Waikawa Beach under Level 4, August 2021

Things are very quiet, as they should be, under a Level 4 shutdown. The Horowhenua District Council reminds us all to stay 5 kiwi apart:

Sign with text: Stay 5 kiwi apart.

Unfortunately the playground and toilets are closed.

Playground closed sign.
Boarded up toilets at Level 4.

If you’re driving along Reay Mackay Grove watch out for the pothole. We’ve asked Council to fix it.

Pothole on Reay Mackay Grove.
Pothole on Reay Mackay Grove.

8 thoughts on “Around Waikawa Beach under Level 4, August 2021”

  1. I was thinking of reporting the pothole yesterday when I walked down the grove.
    It was present before they resurfaced the road a couple of years ago, and never filled properly. There are other small holes starting to appear as well.

  2. Things are not quiet when up to a dozen or more non permanent families move in for the lockdown. The government rules are you lock down at your permanent residence. At the start of the lockdown people had no idea if they had been in a place of interest yet they chose to move to a different area. We are disgusted and appalled by all of these people who obviously have no regard for life. These people could have been anywhere before they came here.

    There are no excuses. If it’s good enough for Iwi to have groups up north stopping people perhaps we should start it at Waikawa. Why is no one speaking out when this is a life and death situation.

    1. Well said Christine we totally agree with you! It’s sad that these people have given absolutely no regard to the permanent residents of Waikawa Beach. Lockdown means Lockdown at your full time residence not at your beach home!

    2. I Concur Christine. Well , Somebody Mentioned This On The Facebook Site And Their Concerns Were Considered Offensive After Somebody Made Comments About “Them And Us” And Being Made To Feel “Not Welcome In Their Own Home.”. Not One Mention Of Concern For Anyone Permanent Here From This Person , Just A Self Centered Care For One’s Own Feelings. Maybe Some People Need To Ask Why There Might Be A Them And Us? Could It Be The Lack Of Regard For Others?………That Might Be A Starting Point.

  3. “Things are very quiet, as they should be, under a Level 4 shutdown.”
    Not At The Bridge They Aren’t……………Just Saying………..Usual Level Of Respect For Permanents Living Here These Days Though 🙁

  4. The rules are very clear.
    Under Level 4 – in fact, under Level 3 also – you cannot travel to outside of your region. It’s as simple as that. It is the law.

  5. I think this whole lockdown scenario has got some people a little agitated. Assigned to ones bubble, its not surprising. I live here and Wellington, and Im happy to admit, as soon as lockdown was confirmed I drove here quick smart. Does that mean I have been out and about causing ” life and death” issues-no it doesnt, I have followed the rules the same as everyone else, including full time residents. To imply, by association of owning a holiday home, I am going to spread covid anymore than a full time resident is clearly emotive nonsense.

  6. We have aired a couple of opposing points of view here. This is an emotive topic and there is potential for long and fruitless continuation of the debate with high emotion but no useful outcome. Therefore we have closed this post to further comment.

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