Bike stands at footbridge

More and more people are out on bikes enjoying Waikawa Beach these days, but back in April a bike was stolen from the footbridge. There’s not really any good place to leave or lock a bike while enjoying the river and other features of our area. See Bright green mountain bike missing from footbridge, Easter 2021.

Pile of bikes at the footbridge.
It’s hard to lock bikes to these wooden rails, or even to leave them carefully ‘parked’. In this photo, only one bike was actually locked.

After bike stands were requested, Carolyn Copeland, Horowhenua District Council Roading Projects Team Leader, emailed this info:

We are looking at placing two bike racks near the location shown below

I have also included a picture of what they look like

This will give the ability to park up to 10 bikes

I hope to have them in before Christmas, however this will depend on when the supplier is able to deliver

Another bike rack will be installed near the public toilets

Stephan is working this in with his improvement works to the toilet block

Bike rack approximate location.
Bike rack style.
Photo of location, with car parked in area where bike rack would be.

And in a follow-up:

The plan was to remove the piece of timber you see in the photo

It will be replaced with a new separator strip to the right which would be on the right of the utes tyres that you can see

The rack will be approx. 2m to the right of the power pole

The bikes would then be located closer to the grey ute position

Therefore the back wheels of the bikes would be to the right or in line with the power pole

This should be out of the way of any access needs

I intend to be on site of the day of install to ensure the correct placement

We appreciate the consultation on location for the bike stands, and that Horowhenua District Council are willing to provide bike stands to our community.

It’ll be great to offer parking for 10 people where previously one car (only 1 to 5 occupants) would be. It’s also good to know folks will be able to easily lock their bikes to the stands too.

Once we know more about the bike stand to be placed in Hank Edwards Reserve we’ll let you know. That one may come with the toilet block update, due to start in about February 2022.

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