Bird of the Year 2021

By my reckoning we see at Waikawa Beach at least 17 of the Bird of the Year 2021 entrants. Some of them have popped up so far in the Quiz.

Bird of the year 2021 web page.

Learn a bit more about the birds (and one bat) and cast a vote:

Aotearoa New Zealand has the most amazing native wildlife! But right now, 80% of our birds (and 100% of our bats) are in trouble. Climate change and habitat destruction are big threats to all our native species. If we protect and restore our rivers, forests, oceans, and climate, we can bring back our native wildlife!

Show your love for incredible native species by casting your vote in Te Manu Rongonui o te Tau/Bird of the Year!

Voting is open from 18-31 October 2021.

Who will you vote for? The choice is so hard!

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