Blood Moon, May 2021

Did you see the total lunar eclipse the other night? Daniel Anderson posted a photo on the Waikawa Beach Facebook page and gave permission for it to be posted here as well.

Blood Moon.
Blood Moon. Photo by Daniel Anderson.

At first when the Moon rose it was so bright you could hardly see any stars.

It takes our eyes quite a while to adjust to darkness after being in the light — up to 30 minutes. After being in a lit room, give your eyes half an hour or so before you can see all the stars the dark sky has to offer.

Gradually though, with the moon’s light dimming, more and more stars were visible. By the time of the total eclipse, around 11.15 pm, the Moon was barely to be seen but the Milky Way was phenomenally bright!

We’re so lucky here at the beach to have amazingly dark skies — it’s a rare treasure in this brightly lit world.

We can all play a part in preserving this taonga by keeping outdoor lights pointed at the ground, and turning them off when they’re not needed.

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