Broken windows and missing fairy lights

These have recently come to our attention:

FYI House on Duncan St broken into [13 March 2021] — rock through a window. Cupboards rifled but nothing stolen as nothing worth stealing (not even the vintage board games). More nuisance than anything but wanted people to be aware.

Also, on 22 February 2021:

Hi everyone, We have just moved into Arthur St and meet all the neighbours. What a lovely bunch of folks thanks for the welcome.

Much to my horror my Fairy lights were stolen off the front deck . If anyone has any issues with Fairy Lights please come and ask, no need to steal them they are one of my most treasured Taonga,they bring a smile to my face .

Happy Days Nick

One thought on “Broken windows and missing fairy lights”

  1. As close neighbours of Nick’s, we loved his lights and really miss them. It gave some extra character to the street. Thanks for the time that we were able to enjoy them.

    Cecily and Ken

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