Dog registration fee increase

Horowhenua District Council recently set the fees and fine schedules for dogs and other animals for the coming financial year. Most fees have increased slightly over last year:

These fees and charges were adopted by Council at the 25 May 2021 meeting and will be effective from 1 July 2021.

Fees may be paid during July 2021.

Fees include:

  • De-sexed Pet (Urban & Rural) (Class 3 & 17): $79.00
  • Entire Pet (Urban & Rural) (Class 11 & 14): $132.00
  • Failure to register dog: $300.00
  • Failure to keep dog controlled or confined: $200.00
  • Failure to keep dog under control: $200.00
  • Failure to carry leash in public: $100.00.

More details: Animal Control – Fees & Charges – Horowhenua District Council.

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