Dune damage by vehicles, June 2021

A concerned Waikawa Beach ratepayer is wondering if anyone saw anything where some people in 4-wheel drives apparently roared around in the dunes north of the river, probably yesterday. The ratepayer said:

Just went for a walk this morning and it looks like there has been at least two 4wd drive vehicles have done considerable damage to the dunes behind the river. It looks like it has happened either this morning or last night. Just wondering if you could maybe put out an email and see if anyone saw anything.

The area concerned: turn left and follow the river. The vehicle tracks start on the flat area where the sand sculptures are usually done and head into the dunes immediately behind the river where the main pathway is if the tide is to high to follow the river.

Tire tracks in dune.

Broken vegetation.

Tire tracks in sand.

Broken dune.

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