E. Coli in the river as at 02 November 2021 — Red

Weekly water quality sampling has started up for the summer, with the first sample taken at the footbridge on 02 November 2021, and showing a red result of 1050 E. coli / 100 mL. Read more about E. Coli.

Water quality graph 02 Nov 2021.

This info comes from Land, Air, Water Aotearoa (LAWA) – Waikawa Estuary at Footbridge. Fortunately, we have no toxic algae.

What do the monitoring results mean?

Green: Suitable for swimming – The monitoring result met national water quality guidelines at the time of testing.

Orange: Caution advised – The monitoring result for E. coli was slightly elevated at the time of testing. Water quality generally suitable for swimming, but young children, elderly or those with compromised health may be at increased risk of illness.

Red: Unsuitable for swimming – The monitoring result did not meet the national guidelines at the time of testing.


Heavy rain flushes contaminants from urban and rural land into waterways and we advise you not to swim for 2 – 3 days after heavy or prolonged rain – even at sites that generally have good water quality. Check that the water is clean and clear before taking a dip.

For comparison, the graph for the last 5 years shows the water was suitable for swimming 50% of the time.

Donut graph showing green 50% of the time.

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