Fire risk reminder

Fire and Emergency have sent out a seasonal reminder about fire risks. Fire is a concern at Waikawa Beach where the nearest fire appliance could take 10 minutes to arrive in the best case, 15 to 20 minutes with normal weekday traffic and who knows how long if the road is closed!

Is your property safe from fire?

Here’s a guide to help understand the risk in your area

During the fire season, there are some risks you need to know about to help keep you, your family and your property safe.

Throughout New Zealand, there are different levels of risk, depending on where you live and what the area around you is like. As we build more and more homes in previously rural areas, the level of risk is different to properties built in a more urban setting. It pays to make sure you check your property and are aware of your surroundings so you can be best prepared this fire season.

Steps you need to take to keep your property safe

1 Make sure you have a ‘safe zone’ around your property.
Check the vegetation around your home. This could fuel a fire if one started. Choose plants with low flammability – native plants are often better.
Keep your lawns mowed and green.
Don’t store firewood close to the house.
Clear your gutters of dry leaves.
2 Have an escape plan and an agreed safe meeting place.
Go to to make a plan to get out of your home safely and agree a safe meeting place. Practise this regularly.
Think about where you will meet if you need to evacuate the area.
Have an emergency evacuation kit in case you need to leave quickly.
If there is only one way in and out of where you live, you need to be prepared to leave early.
3 Good access for firefighter
Fire trucks need a lot of space to manoeuvre. Make sure there are no overgrown trees or other obstacles that may prevent access to your property.
We can connect to water supplies such as a pond, pool or tank; make sure they are not placed under power lines.
Make sure your address or rapid number is clearly visible.

The fire risk applies to everyone, no matter where you live. For more information check,


Is your property safe from fire?

Is your property safe from fire (610 KB PDF)

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