HDC Long-Term Plan and a new Waikawa Beach walkway

We sent the following enquiry about the Long-Term Plan currently being consulted on:

We note that Page 144 and following of the Activity Statements mention a Waikawa Beach walkway.

Can you please clarify for us what that means or refers to. What walkway?

This was the Council’s response:

This is a proposal to potentially formalise a walkway from the Waikawa Bridge exit on the northern bank of the Waikawa stream to the beach via the existing title shown on the plan, or alternatively across the private land, to more effectively manage public access and minimise erosion/wear and tear to the back-dunes which have formed a relatively stable ecology.

Proposed Waikawa Beach walkway.
Proposed Waikawa Beach walkway.

The Activity Statements allocate funding each year from 2021 to 2031 for this walkway. The total is a bit over $300,000.

Budget allocations for walkway.
Budget allocations for walkway.

4 thoughts on “HDC Long-Term Plan and a new Waikawa Beach walkway”

  1. A few years ago, there was a ‘Stuff’ article advising average annual raes rises of 6%, expected to ‘peak’ in 2021/22 at an expected 6.42%.

    In fact, this years’ proposed (district-wide average) increase is proposed to be 6.7%. BUT!!!! “We are aware that affordability is an issue for many in our District”

    This coming from a council who expects to pretty-well double their rating base (ie new residential properties) over the next 20 or so years [“The Horowhenua population is forecast to reach over 62,000 by 2041”].

    And now they propose $300,000 over ten years for a walkway!!!!!!!
    What is wrong with the current track? Is it eroding the sand it is built on? Can dogs not pass each other safely?
    Do we need a highway to the foreshore? Do they propose a hard pathway for wheelcheers and prams (who can’t even navigate the bars at the entrance to the bridge)?
    Are the colony of pied shags scaring tourists away? Are the ‘unsafe’ trees a hindrance ?

    But more importantly, do our council need easy access to mounds of sand that they can readily stick their heads in as they don’t seem to understand that when they plan on growing their rating base, and year-after-year increase rates by well over the rate of inflation, and rate of income growth, they don’t actually have to look for MORE grandiose schemes to justify rates increases that they already acknowledge are unaffordable for some (many!) in the district!!!!!

  2. I’m with Frank! This is preposterous! This is part of the systematic “Harvesting” of Waikawa Beach By The HDC. Anything to justify rates increases. To get to the beach is really simple. It’s called feet! We don’t need a walkway to get to the beach. HDC…..Stop wasting ratepayers money on stupid hare-brained schemes that serve little purpose other than to fill your coffers!!

  3. I don’t want a walkway. I like it the way it is. It feels free and natural walking through the dunes down to the beach. A rediculous $300,000 walkway would be ruin the ambiance that it has now.
    I bet virtually all Waikanae Beach residents and Bach owners don’t want it either….so don’t do it!

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