HDC to remove pest Acacia / wattle plants December 2021

We received an email today from Craig Kidd, Horowhenua District Council Parks and Property Officer | Āpiha Papa Rēhia, Rawa. Note the request to remove acacia / wattle from your own properties:

Following checking the entrance on to the beach, the Acacia outside 61 & 63 Manga Pirau is out over the edge of the kerb.

While taking photos, I did not realise how much seed was on the plants, which there is a photo attached, and with the issue of acacia invading coastal dunes we are taking these out.

There is the reserve access opposite 52 Manga Pirau Street which the southern side has planted in acacia which we are removing under the pest management plan.

We will also try and cut out all the acacia from Hank Edwards back to the Southern end of Manga Pirau Street.

Can you please let the community know why we are undertaking removal of the wattle and ask if people have wattle on their properties, if they would consider removing it to help stop the acacia from spreading in the community and coastal reserves

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us and we very appreciate the communities support.

Acacia outside 63 Manga Pirau Street.
Bush outside 60 Manga Pirau Street.
Closeup of the problem plant.
Map showing affected area opposite 52 Manga Pirau Street.

5 thoughts on “HDC to remove pest Acacia / wattle plants December 2021”

  1. Wouldn’t you think that the council would contact the land owners (me) rather than post this on a public website? We’ve had no contact in to his respect. If they contact you please pass on my details [phone number removed]. Thank you

    1. Good point. I know that before we saw this comment to approve it you had contacted the Council and a meeting will take place soon. I removed your phone number, but approved the comment.

  2. No Surprises here. I think the HDC are an absolute disgrace. They don’t notify people of hardly anything that they do here. That cursed Recycling Station , The Water Fire Tank etc…….. Another tree is being completely destroyed outside my house as I type. I am sick to death of all the destruction and cutting down of beautiful trees that have taken years and years to get there . That beautiful Eucalyptus that was destroyed half way down Sarah Street Is A Shameful Display Of Disrespect towards our environment. How many more trees are the new regime going to cut down? As for the entitled attitude of the Reay Mackay people complaining about a possible access to the beach from their own end and not being consulted , well How about where a few of us old school live at the top of Manga Pirau street? Did we have a choice about the Recycling station, the library , the dogs , the bikes , the water tank? Not to mention an over the top reconstruction of our toilet block , which I’m sure us ratepayers will end up footing the bill for even though it benefits us not one iota. You guys around Reay Mackay don’t mind all the amenities around us but I guess it’s a “Not In My Back Yard” scenario for some of you. guys. Jeez and you wonder why there is a divide here as mentioned on the elitist facebook page. Christine Mitchell was right when she quoted “Enjoy your little paradise while you can because it’s all changing in the next years…..RIP Waikawa…………..and some beautiful trees that I watched grow up over the years……it makes me so sad

  3. There are huge numbers of these in the dunes already.
    Standing in one spot, I counted over fifty. It would take a major and repeated effort with chainsaws to remove them now.

    Is this planned to be done?

    1. I think they should be left alone. The amount of trees being destroyed here in the last 3 years is shameful. I’ve watched beautiful trees grow up here during the last 40 years being cut down by people living/owning a home here for less than 5 minutes. No respect. They should stop trying to change our environment to suit their own agendas. Show some respect for Waikawa and the birds for that matter

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