Here-turi-kōkā (August) 2021 Newsletter

Kia ora koutou kātoa,
He ua — rain — we’ve had at least 120 mm rain since the last newsletter in mid-July. And that’s without measuring the torrential rain that fell during a Strathnaver powercut after huge thunder and lightning overnight 17 to 18 August 2021.

You could say it’s been a bit wet.

The folks around Emma Drive certainly knew about it when the paddock on the corner flooded and almost cut off the road back in July.

In other news … as we all know: it’s a Level 4 lockdown for a few days, anyway. At least the water tanks will be full.

Noho tawhiti, tū kotahi. — Stay distant to stand as one.

  1. We still need a Treasurer — could that be you?
  2. Spinifex planting 04 September
  3. Toilet block upgrade
  4. The Army at Hank Edwards Reserve on 14 September
  5. Local news
  6. In the night sky this month
  7. Property
  8. WBRA Subscriptions

We still need a Treasurer — could that be you?

It’s very hard to run an effective organisation without a Treasurer. We still need someone to step up as Treasurer to see us through the rest of the year (until January), and then someone to take on the position. You don’t need to be an accountant — mostly everything works through online banking and it’s mainly a matter of good record keeping. Could this be you? If so, please email us now at

White-faced heron close-up.
This White-faced heron has been very friendly in the Strathnaver and Emma Drive areas recently.

Spinifex planting 04 September

Spinifex planting is planned for 04 September 2021. Come along with some gardening gloves (if you like) for an hour and help plant 5,000 spinifex and 500 Pingao. Previous plantings are working really well to hold and reclaim the beach. It’s an opportunity to really contribute to the community. More details closer to the time.

Toilet block upgrade

We’ve had word that the Horowhenua District Council has approved funding for the Hank Edwards toilet block to be updated early 2022. This project was delayed by Covid last year, so it’s good to see it will happen soon. We’ll be releasing more details as we receive them.

By the way: the toilet block is closed during the Level 4 shutdown.

The Army at Hank Edwards Reserve on 14 September

We were advised that there will be an Army exercise at Hank Edwards Reserve on 14 September 2021. Apparently the exercise will not stop people from using the reserve.

Local news

Beware young seals resting on the beach — they tend to look like driftwood at first. Keep yourself, dogs, kids and vehicles away and don’t get between a seal and the sea.

There’s a New road layout just north of Ōtaki. As part of Expressway works the southbound lane has been shifted a bit. Northbound changes will come in a few weeks.

New rules for whitebait season came into effect on 15 August 2021. A couple of key points: Whitebait fishing is only allowed where water levels are affected by the tide; Screens are the only lawful diversion device and are limited to 3 metre maximum length. If you fish for whitebait be sure to visit the link and follow up to see all the new rules.

Fish catch limits around the Kāpiti Marine Reserve may be changing to allow greater commercial catches of snapper. This could affect recreational fishers nearby, including those who go out from Waikawa Beach.

Snowy mountain peak at sunrise.
Did we mention the cold snaps and snowy caps?

In the night sky this month

Planet Venus (Kōpū) appears in the northwest soon after sunset. In the east see Saturn (Rongo) and Jupiter (Pareārau). At the end of August see Mercury (Takero) below Venus.

The Southern Cross, Crux, and the Pointers are midway down the southwest sky. The Large and Small Clouds of Magellan look like two misty patches of light low in the south, easily seen by eye on a dark moonless night in Waikawa Beach. You can’t see them in a place like Wellington because there are too many lights.

Interested in what else is in Waikawa Beach’s wonderful dark night sky or a map to help find things? Take a look at The Evening Sky in August 2021.


Sold: 6 James Street. Current property listings: none. Round in Strathnaver several houses are in varying stages of being built.

Ngā mihi nui,
Miraz Jordan

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