Hōngongoi (July) 2021 Newsletter

Kia ora koutou kātoa,
well, one thing you can say about the last month is frosts (hukapapa)! The mornings have been white and freezing (mātaratara) lately. Then we’ve had some pretty lovely sunny days.

  1. We need a Treasurer — could that be you?
  2. The Small Girl Who Lives Next Door
  3. Horizons rates rise
  4. Transport matters
  5. Local news
  6. In the night sky this month
  7. Property
  8. WBRA Subscriptions

We need a Treasurer — could that be you?

As you’ll know from the last newsletter, we recently lost our Treasurer unexpectedly. We need someone to step up to see us through the rest of the year (until January), and then someone to take on the position. You don’t need to be an accountant — mostly everything works through online banking and it’s mainly a matter of good record keeping. Could this be you? If so, please email us at wbra.committee@gmail.com.

The Small Girl Who Lives Next Door

Waikawa Beach local, writer Glenn Colquhoun, has just published a new picture book, The Small Girl Who Lives Next Door. The story follows Jack’s journey to becoming more proficient in te reo, and learning about Māori culture. Read more: Local’s book about a journey to learn te reo Māori. Congratulations, Glenn!

Book cover: The Small Girl Who Lives Next Door.
Book cover: The Small Girl Who Lives Next Door.

Horizons rates rise

Horizons Regional Council adopted their Long-term Plan recently, and on average rates around the region will rise by about 8% per year for the next 3 years. That doesn’t necessarily mean your rates will rise that much though. Read more at: Horizons rates to increase.

To check what your next rates invoice will look like use the rates search tool.

Transport matters

SH1 safety changes — have your say by Wednesday 11 August: Waka Kotahi have some plans for ‘safety improvements’ along the stretch of SH1 between Ōtaki and Levin. They’re interested to hear the views of locals. Follow the link above to read the details and learn how to make your views known.

A recent news item proclaimed Government fast-tracks plans to extend Wellington’s commuter rail network to Levin. Essentially the Government want KiwiRail to hurry along plans to bring commuter trains to Levin. Read more: Train service improvements start with a business case.

Local news

At the end of June high seas and heavy rain flooded local paddocks and broke through the sand bar at the river mouth, allowing the river an easier flow to the sea. That in turn reduced the level of the river by the footbridge. See: It’s a wet one — 27 June 2021 and High seas; low river for more detail and photos.

Very low river by footbridge.
Very low river by footbridge.

The days around 16 to 19 July are forecast to bring gale force winds and even as much as 100 mm rain. Watch out for the wet!

And then there’s the footbridge. Our modern, sturdy, footbridge came courtesy of floods that knocked out the old, ramshackle bridge that used to be a bit further upstream. Where once you needed nerves of steel to cross, now you can depend on steel beams. See photos of the old bridge at There once was a bridge.

We had a couple of power cuts at the end of June. Read more at: Power out Monday 28 June 2021.

In the night sky this month

That really bright star in the western sky after sunset is Venus (Kōpū). You always find Venus near the Sun as it’s closer to the Sun than we are.

On the other hand, look East after sunset to see Saturn (Rongo) and Jupiter (Pareārau). If you have large binoculars or a telescope you might be able to see the rings round Saturn or some of the moons of Jupiter.

This is also a great time of year to see the Milky Way. Interested in what else is in Waikawa Beach’s wonderful dark night sky or a map to help find things? Take a look at The Evening Sky in July 2021.


Current property listings: 6 James Street.

Round in Strathnaver several houses are in varying stages of being built.

Ngā mihi nui,
Miraz Jordan

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