Horowhenua District Council clarifies vehicle access to beach 19-Oct-21

Since vehicle access to the beach was disrupted on 14 September 2021 there has been a lot of discussion going on between the WBRA, Horowhenua District Council, Horizons Regional Council and the landowners (the Miratanas).

All parties are striving to achieve good access in the long-term for vehicles and horses to the beach.

Today we received an email from Ann Clark, Horowhenua District Council Parks and Property Lead (South) | Kaiārahi ki te Tonga, Papa Rēhia, Rawa, Waea Mahi | (06) 366 0999. She asked us to share the following widely with the community.

For queries about this please contact Horowhenua District Council as they are the ones who have the ear of the landowners and Horizons Regional Council.

As discussed, yesterday Council arranged for the installation of large concrete blocks at the end of Manga Pirau Street and will be erecting the attached signage as soon as they are printed. This is following a request from the owners of the land who have expressed deep concern that damage has been caused to the land and dunes by the creation of new tracks that have not been sanctioned by Council or indeed the owners themselves. The tracks that have been forced through the dunes will have a negative longer term impact on the stability of the foreshore. It is entirely inappropriate for members of the community to take matters into their own hands and plough tracks through what is private land.

On that basis we would appreciate it if you could disseminate this information through your channels to the wider community, specifically in reference to the land being secured against illegal access. Should further breaches occur Council will consider legal options with input from the landowner concerned against those transgressing the private property rights of the owners.

You asked for a plan of the access which has currently been undercut. The area highlighted in blue is the extent of the private land, the green line is the only access to the beach in this location that has been agreed with the owners. This access is currently unusable given the southward trajectory of the stream. Those tracks outlined in red are entirely illegal, the creation of which may be subject to further legal action.

Given the regular movement of the stream southward, and the inability of some individuals to respect current arrangements, it might be appropriate to consider access to the beach from Council land rather than private. P&P would be happy to discuss options.

Beach access - ownership. Illegal track marked in red.
Beach access – ownership. Illegal track marked in red.
Beach access sign 19 October 2021.
Horowhenua District Council Beach access sign 19 October 2021. To be installed once printed.
Screenshot of the email from Horowhenua District Council.
Screenshot of the email from Horowhenua District Council.

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