January 2022 – Arapaepae Road will be southbound only

Driving north in January 2022? Be alert to the roadworks and northbound lane closure on SH57. Waka Kotahi explain:

SH57 roadwork detour northbound

Work on the Queen Street / SH57 roundabout started in May, and in the New Year we’ll start on seal widening to accommodate painted wide centrelines and sections of side barrier.

During the construction of the safety improvements on SH57 in 2022, Arapaepae Road will be southbound only, south of Heatherlea East Road.

This will enable us to complete these works as quickly as possible, minimising the impact to locals and businesses in the longer term while we deliver these important safety improvements to make the road safer. Closing the southern end of SH57 to northbound traffic is considered the only feasible option while carrying out this work.

The detour will take effect on 12 January 2022. If you would like to talk to the team about this work, phone 0508 625 4636 or visit the Levin office open day on Wednesday 15 December.

SH57 detour map.
SH57 detour map.

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    1. As it says in the article, the closure starts on 12 January. For more detail I suggest you contact Waka Kotahi directly.

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