Kohi-tātea (January) 2021 WBRA Newsletter

Kia ora e te whānau,
This summer has been marked by cooler, greyer weather, and wind, and bits of rain and even the occasional thunderstorm. The threat of rain moved our AGM at the very last moment from Hank Edwards Reserve to the Manakau Hall. That caught out quite a few people and the Committee has resolved to look into getting a marquee for future AGMs.

There have been a few hot sunny days too, to keep the spirits up, and to bake those caught up in traffic queues caused by two major incidents that closed the road near Ōhau, one for about 5 hours.

And then we’ve had well-patronised summer activities: Sports Day, Boat Day and Sand Sculpture Day.

  1. Summer Activities
  2. Transport Trials
  3. Trees
  4. Recycling Station
  5. Local News
  6. WBRA Subscriptions
  7. SH1 Intersection

Summer Activities

Plenty of people turned out for the summer activities, and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun. Barry Jordan took some stunning photos, and various volunteers made sure everyone knew where to be and was safe in the water. Many thanks to all volunteers and to everyone who took part.

Swimmer, with splashing water.
Boat Day Thursday, 31 December 2020. Photo by Barry Jordan.

The AGM also had a great attendance. Read up about the events and see photos at:

Two children in the Sack Race.
Sports Day 2020 photo by Barry Jordan.

Ambrose Golf is still open for sign-ups. See Ambrose Golf, Sunday 7th February 2021 for details.

Transport Trials

One car in the river for weeks, a cabin that fell off a trailer on the Ōhau Bridge and a nasty vehicle accident that left two motorcyclists severely injured and closed the road for hours were standout vehicle related events.

I wrote about the stuck car in the last newsletter, but since then a tractor with boat trailer was stuck for a brief time. See The ‘worms’ strike again.

The two road closures demonstrated yet again how easily an accident can clog up the roads for kilometres in either direction, with no alternative available. Read State Highway 1 closed near Ōhau again on 12 January 2021 for more.

Meanwhile, NZTA promised new chip seal where Waikawa Beach Road meets SH1 and up at Ōhau: Road sealing nearby 17 to 19 January 2021 and then a day or so later postponed work because of the problems caused to the road surface by the traffic jam I mentioned above. Here’s their explanation: Chip sealing postponed January 2021.

As of 26 January 2021 there is new chip seal being applied just near Quarter Acre cafe.


Trees were trimmed back or chopped down in the general area of the footbridge, with care taken by Horowhenua District Council to complete the work before everyone arrived for Christmas. Trees tidied by footbridge.

Those arriving at the village during the hours of darkness were pleasantly surprised by a huge lit-up Christmas Tree on the Walker’s property: Can’t miss Christmas Tree.

Although some of the tall trees just by the village entrance were chopped down by Electra just before Christmas there are questions about the couple of remaining trees. The WBRA Committee is following up on that. Those trees still pose a threat to both power lines and the road.

Recycling Station

As organised with the Horowhenua District Council, the Recycling Station at Hank Edwards Reserve was removed in the first week of January, though the wooden steps have yet to be picked up. We were really disappointed that the promised signs asking people to keep the noise down and be considerate of neighbours never appeared. The Committee will follow-up on that.

Local News

Local business Herd by Horses was given a write-up in the Community Wellbeing Newsletter Locally Sourced – Christmas 2020, from Horowhenua District Council.

Check it’s alright before you light a fire this summer.

A message for those who fish — Please don’t leave dead fish for the birds: leaving fish remains on the beach for the seagulls is laziness and thoughtless to those who want a swim without batting away fish bits. It’s just good fishing etiquette to clean up after yourself.

A section at 92 Strathnaver Drive went up for sale in December 2020 and sold about 2 weeks later. Two houses are being built on Uxbridge Terrace, and a house on Strathnaver Drive is being put up.

At least 5 ginger feral cats have been seen in the Strathnaver area and some residents are exploring options to deal with them. Our critically endangered Bittern and other native wildlife is at risk from these cats. If you own a ginger cat that wanders in that area you might like to email us at wbra.committee@gmail.com .

SH1 Intersection

Everybody hates the intersection of Waikawa Beach Road and SH1. It’s time to try even harder to get something done about it. (The WBRA Committee has been trying for quite a while now, with no success.)

At our Anniversary Weekend Committee meeting we resolved to really get stuck in, forming alliances (for example with the Manakau folks) and getting the whole community engaged.

We’re currently in the earliest possible stage of this work, getting together facts, ideas, names, anecdotes, a possible strategy. Once there’s something to discuss we’ll let you know.

If you can contribute expertise that will help us get the intersection changed in ways that will help our community then please get in touch.

Flexible flush median posts.
At the intersection of Waikawa Beach Road and SH1.

WBRA Subscriptions are due now

It’s hardly news: WBRA subscription $25 per year. Please pay up. 😀 Your support helps us work on behalf of the community. Make sure to provide us with your email address! See Subs form to give us your updated contact details and Become a member for how to pay.

Special note: the address for posting cheques to has changed. It’s now 93 Mandel Mews, Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt 5010, but pretty soon Westpac will stop accepting cheques anyway.

And talking about Boat Day and a Little Free Library made of a boat (waka), what better phrase to know than: He waka eke noa: We are all in this together. — This whakataukī has several meanings, one of which is “a waka we are all in together” – we are all in this together – we rise together, fall together, work together, keep going together.

Ngā mihi nui,
Miraz Jordan

One thought on “Kohi-tātea (January) 2021 WBRA Newsletter”

  1. Re, The Recycling Station,
    Good To See That Some Of Us Stood Up Against The Council With The Recycling Station. Great result! Next Step, No Longer Amount Of Time Present Here Next Year. Shame About The Broken Promise And Lies About The Signage Though. Seems To Be A Bit Of A Habit Of Theirs. Maybe We Can Encourage Them To Honour Their Word On Signs Next Year.
    Looking Forward To Another Long Weekend Of Quads , Bikes And Brainlessness At The Waikawa Speedway Village…….Bring On Speed Humps And 30 KPH Signs!!

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