Lemon-aid entrepreneur at the footbridge

Charlie Strivens said on Facebook, on Sunday 26 December 2021:

This is Dan. He made this lemon aid cart and is parked by the footbridge car park. It’s good to support the young entrepreneurs so feel free to pop down and support Dan 😀

Lemon-aid cart.

Be sure to scan in, and note the varied menu, with Online Payments options for those of us who no longer carry coins around!

Photo and text posted with permission.

One thought on “Lemon-aid entrepreneur at the footbridge”

  1. Good luck to him, as long as that is as far as it goes! I wonder if you would like a cafe across the road from us in the future as well Charlie? There will be strong opposition against anything of that nature from the “Old School” here. This place has been commercialized enough as it is. The good thing about Waikawa was that it was a place to get away from it all and that ain’t the case now. It seems certain people are changing this place to the detriment of those who like it the way it is/was. Real WOW Waikawa is not about recycling stations, barking dogs running all over the place, quad bikes everywhere and endless vehicles , not to mention the destruction of our beautiful trees by those cashing in on the place…..Not so WOW Waikawa it seems

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