Manga Pirau Street beach access update, 14 September 2021 0930

folks, we’ve moved the picnic table to block the track and added tape. This should at least cause drivers to stop and look before moving things aside and driving off the cliff into the water.

Pedestrians can still cross, however THERE IS NOWHERE TO GO. The ‘other track’ was illegally put in across private land and the owners are not happy at all. If you use that track you are trespassing and endangering everyone’s access to the beach. The owners have agreed we can use the existing track, but it’s at their discretion.

Low tide was around 8.30 am and there was a 3 metre drop-off into the river from the legitimate track then. High tide is around 3 pm and things are likely to get worse.

Last time this happened it was months before vehicles could access the beach again.

Photos to come.

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