Māori wards voted in for local Councils

Today has brought Māori wards for both Horowhenua District Council and Horizons Regional Council:

Councillors voted unanimously to support the establishment of a Māori Ward, which will take effect for the 2022 and 2025 elections. …

The only difference between voting for those on the Māori roll and the general roll is that those on the Māori roll vote for candidates standing for the Māori ward instead of the general ward. All other votes are the same.

Via: Council votes in favour of the establishment of a Māori Ward.


At their Regional Council meeting today, Horizons’ Councillors approved the establishment of Māori constituencies in time for the 2022 local government elections. …

A full representation review, including general and Māori constituency constituencies, will now be carried out. Proposed arrangements will need to be adopted by Council by 31 August, with community consultation and the review completed this year.

By establishing Māori constituencies, voters enrolled on the Māori electoral roll will vote in a Māori constituency, and voters on the general roll would continue to vote in their general constituency.

As no one can be enrolled on both rolls at the same time, no one gets to vote in more than one constituency. …

“Today’s decision does not change the other mechanisms in which Māori, iwi and hapū can participate and work in partnership with Council.

Via Horizons Regional Council to establish Māori constituencies.

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