New rules for whitebait season starting on 15 August 2021

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The 2021 whitebaiting season is about to kick off with new regulations in place to help ensure a healthy future for the fishery.

Regulations taking effect in 2021

Upstream limits for whitebaiting

  • Upstream limits to fishing apply to all Aotearoa New Zealand. Whitebait fishing is only allowed where water levels are affected by the tide. Back pegs will mark this point in some rivers.

Fishing methods

  • Screens are the only lawful diversion device and are limited to 3 m maximum length, except when used from stands.
  • Minimum distance of 20 m between fixed fishing gear, except when used from stands.
  • Only one fishing net can be used from a stand.
  • Maximum length of all fishing gear cannot exceed a quarter of a channel’s width.
  • Fixed fishing gear is gear set on the riverbed to catch fish, except when used from stands. Fixed fishing gear doesn’t need a person to hold it or actively move it to catch fish.

Visit DOC’s website for information on the whitebaiting season including the new regulations:

Source: New regs on stream for whitebait season |

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